US based state of the art  renewable energy technology transforming municipal waste (household, restaurants, small hotels) into heat and power (electricity) via an efficient, cheap and  reliable process.

The Reviresco system is designed to function profitably with a supply of municipal waste of as little as 35,000 to 50,000 tons annually and to produce a gross electricity output of 7 MWh with a net amount to feed into an electrical grid or to a single user of approximately 4.5 MWh to 5.5 MWh depending on feed-in efficiencies. The balance of the power generated is used by the waste processing system itself, making the entire plant energy self-sufficient.

The fuel used in the Reviresco system is Solid Recovered Fuel which results from the grinding, sorting and dehydration of municipal garbage, which is fed into the plant at a rate of approximately 10 tons per hour. The fuel product which results from the process is very dry at 10-15% MC and has a tested and proven calorific value of >8,000 BTU/lb (>18,000 Mj/Kg). The process is extremely efficient and uses no fossil or other fuels to operate.
Please visit Reviresco's website at: www.revirescocorp.com