Foreign Investment in Turkish Real Estate Market

Our real estate investment subsidiary offers Europeans the oportunity to invest in residential and office properties in Istanbul. Our partnership of almost 10 years with an Istanbul property developper means that we have priority access to evaluate investment opportunities at even the pre-planning stage. This close relationship also means that we are looking to offer investors a minimum return of 40% per annum. Our investors receive a highly personalized service. Lyn will frequently invest alongside clients.
Lyn executives have developped a very close working relationship with a highly reputable Istanbul based Turkish property development company. Over the past 10 years, we have invested as principals in this developper's projects and have realized very attractive returns on a timely basis. We will continue to invest in such projects, at the rate of one or possibly two per annum, but have now decided to open up these investment opportunities to Lyn clients. Our investment criteria are to invest at a 50% discount to "market value" (the price at which the developper is planning to sell units) and to realize the gain within a period of 18 months. We also want to be sure that, should we or our co-investors wish to hold onto their investment, that there is a readily available rental alternative on attractive terms. Lyn will provide the following services:

-Detailed information, provided by our property developper partner, on forthcoming projects 
-Arrange visits to view the property and discuss the project with the developper 
-Answer all questions and provide all required follow up information 
-Introduction to local Turkish banks in the event that the investor would quailfy for mortgage financing 
-Management, when required, of the sale of the investment 
-Assistance with documentation pertaining to the purchase of property unit or units 
-Regular updates on the progress of the project 
-Information on progress of selling units throughout the development of the project 
-Advanced notification as projects under evaluation in order that a potential investor has time to organize his/her finances 
-Guidance and assistance on renting if/when required