HealthClub TV

Lyn has obtained the exclusive rights for Turkey. Accessing healthclubtv from any computer, laptop or mobile phone enables you to download a choice of hundreds of different workouts and exercises. Every video clip is available to simply download to your mobile including iPhones. Healthclubtv gives you the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of having the gymnasium with you anytime, anywhere..

Healthclubtv are also working with physiotherapists to enable their patients to access video clips of rehab exercises thereby avoiding the necessity of regular visits to a hospital or clinic to obtain the necessary treatment. Healthclubtv is also in partnership with TrueVibrations to provide purchasers/users of this leading vibration technology equipment with exercise information and instruction.

Provision of personalized training video clips for use via pda's, for fitness and physic work in hotels, fitness centers and private residences. HealthClubTV lets you take the gym with you, providing you with instant, easy access to all your essential workouts, anytime, anywhere. Simply download the videos direct to your mobile or laptop and you are ready to go today